Many of the college students who volunteer with us as tutors are able to build mentor relationships with the students as they continue coming back. These relationships open up opportunities for further involvement with the students and their families. Opportunities include visiting students at school during lunch time or doing other fun activities with them.


Due to generous sponsorships, some of the children in our programs have the opportunity to attend different Summer camps and have tons of fun while getting to try new activities and learn about Christ. Some of the students have been able to participate in courses at Auburn University such as English as a Second Language (ESL). We would love to expand these opportunities to more of our children, with our vision being that each student would have access to ESL camp, a fun day camp, and swim lessons during the Summer.


We partner with the Alabama Food Bank Association during the month of June to provide free lunches every Tuesday and Thursday for around 80 children. This program helps foster community over the Summer between the Hispanic community and also with our partners and volunteers. The children also have the opportunity to continue learning about Jesus through our weekly devotions in Spanish. 



School supplies and backpacks are resources that we help provide at the beginning of every school year. We also coordinate several field trips for the students throughout the year in cooperation with our community partners. We want to make sure these students have the resources they need to succeed in the classroom throughout the year.


Campus Kitchens is an Auburn University organization that packages and distributes leftover food to people who need it instead of letting it go to waste. Through our partnership with them, our students receive free meals to take home every Tuesday and Thursday after tutoring. 



We provide after school tutoring for over eighty children twice a week. Collegiate and adult volunteers assist students K-12 with homework, literacy, and math skills. The students also have the opportunity to use laptops for projects, research, or educational enrichment activities.

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