With our current ratio of students to laptops, they may only get 15 minutes of online enrichment per week during our tutoring program. We would like all of our students to have a greater accessibility to technology. We hope to obtain more laptops for our older students as well as kid-friendly tablets with educational apps for our younger students.

Laptop cost for Jr. High/High Schoolers: $800 

Tablet cost for Elementary: $200

Summer Program Sponsors


We are only able to send small groups of our kids to Summer camps depending upon sponsorships. Our hope is that all of our kids would be able to have these experiences, enjoy trying new things, and grow personally and spiritually as a result. Specifically, we hope each child could attend ESL classes, a day camp, and swim lessons during the Summer.

Cost of ESL classes: $200

Cost of day camp: $400

Cost of swim lessons: $75

School Supplies


At the beginning of the school year as well as throughout the year, we want every child to be prepared for school and have the materials they need in the classroom. Initial school supplies, backpacks, various field trip costs, and project supplies are all needs throughout the year.

Cost per child per year: $200

Monthly Supporters

*More information coming soon*

Other ways to donate

When shopping at, set Esperanza House in Auburn as your charity.

All donations are tax deductible.

For inquiries about donations, please contact us at


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