Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Hispanic children and families. Esperanza House desires to intentionally develop and implement programs that meet the needs of low-income, Hispanic families and their children in such critical areas as mental health, youth development, childcare, education, and advocacy.

Ultimately, our mission is to lead people into growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive towards this by providing Bible studies and devotions for children and their families.


Odalys Silvera

Founder and Executive Director

We hope to develop leaders from the students and families in our program; leaders who grow to reach their full potential and who lead sustainable communities. Further, we hope to help members find healthy churches and build communities where they can move from just surviving to thriving!

We currently serve approximately 50 families including over 150 children in our programs. We work to find affordable housing for the families and connect them to a network of resources in the community.



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